Film Posters
A mix of commissioned work, gifts, and prints to hang in my apartment. Produced with Adobe Creative Suite.

Minimalist "Harry Potter" Posters
Part of a larger exploration of participatory cultures, these images were created by appropriating artifacts from the "Harry Potter" texts and fandom then remixing them with a focus on color and composition. Each poster's imagery symbolizes a key aspect or moment from its corresponding film. Produced with Adobe Photoshop. 


Matching the aesthetic of Enrollment Research Associates' latest marketing materials, I built this site on Squarespace and incorporated original graphics designed using the Adobe Creative Suite. Produced in 2016.

An informational site for a locally-owned shop in Portland, OR. Features original illustrations and logos produced on Adobe Creative Suite. Site designed and built using Squarespace. Currently serving as site administrator. Produced in 2015.

I designed the logo and official website for Patrick Hamacher's campaign for St. Louis Circuit Attorney. Logo drawn with Adobe Illustrator. Website designed and built using Squarespace. Produced in 2015.

Original website for a small business in Portland, OR. Built using Squarespace with images produced on Adobe Photoshop.  Includes PayPal integration. Completed in 2016.

I was commissioned to implement a comprehensive redesign, complete with original graphics, of this pre-existing site for a small business advisor in Portland, OR. Site runs on WordPress.

A simple WordPress site for a small business in Portland, OR. Illustrations produced using Adobe Creative Suite.  Currently serving as site manager, content producer, and social media coordinator. Produced in 2015.

I design graphics, prepare product images, and assist with web administrative duties for this Portland pet boutique's online shop. Site runs on BigCommerce.

The official site for a small research and advisory firm located in downtown Portland, OR. Built using Squarespace with PayPal e-commerce integration. Produced for Jefferson Research in 2015.

Produced in 2012 for Trinity University's student newspaper. I served as site manager for one year. Awarded Society of Professional Journalists' national first place prize for Best Affiliated Website in 2013. Design has since been updated.


Produced with Adobe Flash Professional using original designs drawn on Adobe Illustrator, these games are meant to capture fundamental principles of interactive multimedia communication. Click images to play (desktop only).

misc header.jpg

A combination of freelance work, personal pieces, and course projects, these images offer a small but varied sample of my work in graphic design. All pieces were produced using programs in the Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Java Hound Coffee Bar

Personal Pieces and Gifts

Instagram Series


Printed Gifts

Sellwood Pet Supply

Moreland Theater - Seasonal Screen Advertisements

'The Bee' - Monthly Print Advertisements for Sellwood's Neighborhood Newspaper

Assorted Branding and Advertisements

Honors Thesis Presentation

This Prezi slideshow offers a visual demonstration of the theories at play in my Communication Honors Thesis. It features original concepts and artwork regarding advertising for motion pictures. 

Click image to view slideshow.

The written portion of my honors thesis can be found here.